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Print Finishing

With extensive in-house facilities, we can provide you with a wide range of finishing options to complement your printed piece and finish your work in style.

Individual products

Booklets example image

A5, A4 or even a square format, booklets are a clean practical way to present your marketing information or reports. With a range of stocks available including heavy weights for covers, our digital press can produce booklets online and in a true ‘print on demand’ fashion.

Comb & Wire Binding example image

Securing your documents through punched holes, comb binding allows for easy editing of your document whilst wire binding provides a stronger and more visually pleasing finish.

Heat Binding example image

A glued spine strip is heated and wrapped around the edge of a book or document to secure the pages.

Legal Binding example image

This is a secure binding system, normally used for legal or contractual documents, where tampering of the document bind would be evident.

Perfect Binding example image

A wrap around cover with a glued spine secures the pages to give a clean slim look to your documents.

Printed Document Covers example image

You can enhance the appearance of your report or presentation with pre-printed document covers. Available in a wide range of materials these are produced with matching backs.

Tabbed Dividers example image

We can supply document dividers for your reports from stock, with either plain or numbered tabs. However, for a custom finish we can print, laminate and die cut the tabs to match your specification.

Die Cutting example image

This process uses a metal die to stamp out a particular shape, such as a folder or windows in a document cover. This can also be used to apply decorative cut outs in invitations and brochures.

Encapsulation example image

This is the heat bonding of a heavy plastic film to both sides of a sheet, extending beyond the edges, ensuring a moisture proof finish and providing more body to the piece.

Film Laminating example image

A thin matt or gloss film is applied to one or both sides of a printed item protecting the finish and adding to tear resistance. Typically used on business cards, brochures and report covers.

UV Varnishing example image

A varnish is applied to selected areas or across the entire printed piece and cured with UV light creating a high gloss sheen where applied. UV has the effect of lifting the image on a printed piece.

Mounting example image

Foam board is a lightweight yet rigid mounting solution that is perfect for ensuring your poster prints are kept flat for display. Sufficiently rigid to stand up on it’s own and light enough for suspending overhead.

Picture Framing example image

Traditional picture framing with anti-reflective acrylic glaze, mount and backing board. The frames are custom made to size and you can choose from a range of wood or aluminium profiles.

Round Cornering example image

Rounding one or more corners on your business cards and invitations can soften the effect as well as changing its appearance.

Duplexing & Multiplex example image

Also referred to as ‘twin-boarding’. This is a process of permanently bonding two, three or more sheets of board together, creating a unique and memorably thick and rigid printed piece, ideal for business cards or invitations. You can be creative by bonding sheets of different colours and textures or sandwich a dark colour between two pale coloured boards.

Edge Painting example image

We can paint the edges of business cards or invitations in a matching or contrasting Pantone® colour. This is especially effective when used in conjunction with Duplexing.

Edge Painting example image

For a clean modern look we can apply a gloss or matt laminate film to your printed poster image and wrap it to a sheet of MDF (medium density fibreboard).

Edge Painting example image

We use lightweight but strong aluminium profiles to gallery wrap your canvas prints.