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Distinctive Print for Bespoke Work

Our range of specialist finishes can really make your project stand out. To differentiate between thermography, die stamping, embossing or foiling, read our explanations of the various finishing touches we offer.

If you’re unable to find answers to your questions here, please call us on 020 7491 1973 or email any questions you may have.

Individual FAQs

This process applies a powder to freshly printed ink, which fuses when heated. The result is raised print on the surface of the paper or board. For letterheads a laser compatible option is available for use in laser printers.

Also known as engraving from the use of engraved metal dies. The inked dies are stamped onto the paper or board to produce a raised impression. Die stamping can be applied in a variety of ink colours.

An engraved metal die is used to stamp a thin layer of foil onto paper or board. The foil can represent text or graphics and you have the choice of a matt colour or a metallic finish.

This process uses a metal die to stamp text or an image on paper or board, leaving the image in relief. If the stamping is applied to the face then the process is called de-bossing. This can be applied over an inked image. Without ink the process is referred to as blind embossing.

A process where a cutter form or die is used to punch custom shapes or patterns out of printed or unprinted items. This is often used to create pocket folders.

This very much depends on the job specification and we will advise you at the time you place your order. Lead times will depend on whether we follow the lithographic or digital route and if your job requires any specialist finishing. If you’re working to a tight deadline, please talk to us as we can be flexible and can often find alternative solutions to meet your time frame.

Artwork proofs are sent to you as Adobe Acrobat PDF or a digital print. You must check the style, content and spelling before approving for print. Clients who provide their own artwork file(s) or supply a print ready Adobe Acrobat PDF will still receive a proof for their approval.

Yes, we can deliver wherever your work is needed. We have accounts with domestic and international delivery firms. There will be an additional cost for this service.

Yes, we’re always happy to have an informal chat about your requirements, to offer our advice and to make recommendations, with absolutely no obligation on your part. Please call 020 7491 1973 or send us an email to arrange a convenient time to speak.